Friday, June 4, 2010

Hip kids

So, I've just been racking my brain trying to figure out something new to feature at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. I have long believed that people really like to play dress-up with their kids... and now as a mother myself, I can confirm this with some certainty. I'm sure at some point in my youth I was hip and edgy, but whatever ounce of cool I formerly possessed has been transferred to my children. Now I wear stretchy pants and flip-flops... *sigh* I like to think that I haven't lost my eye for design and innovation, however, and so I've been working on a new line of girls dresses and matching belt bags. For mothers of boys (I have one of those too) I have a few more masculine belt bags.

A simple linen A-line, with a sweet mod design.

The belt bags are canvas, with a one-size-fits-most double ring adjustment.

Each bag is lined with a coordinating fabric... they can be purchased separately or with the dress for a package price.

There are 4 dresses in toddler sizes 2-5.

I love these sweet dresses for summer, and my little model didn't want to take it off! I'm happy to accept custom orders starting June 13. You can contact me via blog comments, my facebook fan page, or email Of course, if you find you love one of these dresses pictured, please visit me at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! If you mention my blog, get 10% off anything I have available at the booth. That day downtown Indianapolis will also feature PBS kids in the park and Talbott Street Art Fair... make a day of it! I hope to see you there!